~We support children After-School Break Activities ~  

  Where Single Parents and their Children Find Assistance"

Angels Blessing People Inc is a 501 (c) (3) Non- Profit Organization who is focused in surrounding Counties near Houston.

Our mission is to help low to moderate single parents and their children, so that they can contribute to and fully participate in society.

Angels Blessing People provide sponsorship programs to children of single parents as well as parenting programs. These sponsorships allow  children to participate in activities such as sports, clubs, or lessons in things like music, dance, art and karate as well as program materials for single parents. We are a non profit community based organization committed to serving the single parent population.

After-school break activities allow and teaches children how to be leaders and have social skills. It also allows us to reach deeper into under-resourced neighborhoods and provide services where they otherwise might not exist.



We provide training programs to equip single parent families with the necessary life skills to raise their families in a healthy environment.



We provide support and encouragement to single parents and their families who are on a path to interdependence within the community.



We offer struggling single parent households with social service resources to meet their basic living necessities.